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EARS in an effort to Counter Antimicrobial Rersistance,  has untertaken the task to spread awareness acros India by observing an “Awareness Week on Antibiotic Knowledge and Education (AWAKE)”. As India is yet to effectievely develop and implement a national policy to deal with AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance), EARS hold hands to help India build an AMR free society.


The Cause:

AWAKE (Awareness Week on Antibiotic Knowledge and Education) is an initiative of EARS, a non profit, non Govt organization to create week long awarness compaign (15th to 22rd November, 2014) in India with objective of educating patients, public at large and health care providers about rationale use of antibiotics, rising antimicrobial resistance concerns and promoting hygiene and sanitation to stop spread of resistance.


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are among the most serious public health problems, globally and in India. Unregulated use of antibiotics has cast a dark shadow of AMR on society. World Health Organization (WHO) has raised a concern regarding unwarrned use and lack of antibiotic awareness among both prescribers and general public. As pre WHO new class of antibiotics will now only be available after 2020 thereby expressing its concern to implement urgent and consolidated efforts to combat AMR before the world runs into an antimicrobial apolcalypse.
Several developed countries observe the Antibiotic Awareness Day  on 18th November as a global initiaitve by collaborating efforts from Government, NGO's and private healthcare to create awareness among healthcare professionals and general public  regarding AMR and judicious use of antibiotics.

EARS calls every one to join hands to Know and Spread the message across the masses on the threat of AMR and the ways to win over it.


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