Emerging Anti-Microbial Resistance Society (EARS)        EARS MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.


  1. Established a vast network of various health care institutions/establishments/research centers across India for surveillance of microbial resistance and to understand trends of emerging resistance.
  2. Designed and developed software system for antibiotic resistance surveillance- e-bin ( electronic bio-gram information network)
  3. Launched and deployed e-bin across 15 states, 250 districts through 150 centers for data collection, feed and analysis.
  4. Mapped emerging microbial resistance pattern for more than 10 antibiotics/combinations for close to 15000 strains.
  5. Helpings Physicians to take informed decision on designing therapy.
  6. Nurtured by think tank of eminent microbiologists, physicians and scientists.
  7. HEALTH SANITATION HEYIGENE AWARNESS PROGRAM (HSHAP) have spread the awareness and importance of hygiene and sanitation in daily practices among rural population across members of society which covered primary schools, panchayats and general public.